WeeCare Programs

“It is true, we cannot make a genius. We can only give each inpidual child the chance to fulfill his/her potential possibilities to become an independent, secure and balanced human being.”

—Dr Maria Montessori


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Long Beach

Infant Program (6 weeks—14 months)

  • At Wee Care Montessori Center we try to follow Dr. Maria Montessori’s teachings by guiding the smallest of infants to develop in the correct manner. As babies the children enter the first out of the four distinct planes or periods as explained in Montessori teachings. At Wee Care we know the importance of this period and we observe and assess their different characteristics, learning models, whilst valuing persity. According to Montessori methods we also recognize the ‘sensitive periods’ of children and prepared our environments accordingly, with appropriate materials and activities.

Wobbler Program (14 months—18 months)

  • At Wee Care we call the bigger infants (14 to 18 months old) ‘the wobblers’ where they try to acquire sensory refinement, language skills and are interested in small objects. Dr. Montessori described the young child’s behavior of effortlessly stimulating the sensorial stimuli of his or her environment, including information from the senses, language, culture and the development of concepts within the term ‘absorbent mind’. It is believed that this unique power fades as the children approach six years and therefore at Wee Care we do everything within our capability to create the correct environment so that we do not miss this window of opportunity.

Toddler Program (18 months—2.5yrs)

  • At Wee Care we are aware of the important changes that take place within the toddler age group. We try and provide an environment that is needed for them to excel. We let the toddlers learn at their own pace and we allow them to work inpidually with the materials provided with no competition amongst them.

Preschool Program

(2 Years to Kindergarten Entry Level)

  • The age range that our Norwalk location caters to is the most important period, developmentally in a person’s life; Dr. Montessori described the three to six year old child as having an “absorbent mind”. She believed that children of this age group has an “intense mental activity” which translates into a need to process and learn as much new information through their environment as possible.
  • At Wee Care our curriculum is designed to assist children in acquiring the information from the environment to develop the social skills and self-confidence, which are needed to fulfill his/her own learning process. The classrooms are designed to adapt to the size, pace, and interests of girls and boys between the ages of two to six. Our experienced and qualified teachers direct the activity, but the child is the one who learns and is motivated by the work itself. We try to help your child to be a leader with plenty of confidence under his/her belt to face the challenges in years to come.
  • At Wee Care children have the freedom to handle materials which will demonstrate basic educational information to him/her in order to develop his/her whole personality. We allow children to select inpidual activities that correspond to their own interests in a classroom that has been designed to facilitate this. Children will begin with simplest of exercises based on activities that all children enjoy. The equipment, which he/she uses at our Center will help develop the concentration, coordination and working habits necessary for more advanced exercises that will be performed at a later stage.
  • We are confident that children that complete our preschool program using the Montessori methods are well rounded and academically prepared to a different level than their peers who may not have had the opportunity to experience.